Theresa May has resigned but at least she has left us with memes

On May 24 2019, Theresa May confirmed that she would be resigning as prime minister on June 7 with a new PM to be in place at the end of July.

May's dramatic announcement comes after a turbulent week in Westminster after plans to bring her Brexit Withdrawal Agreement back to the Commons was met with strong opposition.

The Tory leader expressed her disappointment on not being able to implement Brexit during her tenure and touched on other major issues that affected her premiership

As she was wrapping up her speech she called it the 'honour of my life' to 'serve the country I love' before her voice broke with emotion and she left the lectern to return to Downing Street.

There is no escaping the many failings and criticisms that May received during her time as prime minister but away from that she did give something back to the country and those were memes.

Since taking on the role in summer 2016, May has been an unprecedented source of memes and to mark her resignation today here are some of her finest.

The infamous 'let me explain' video from April

Having a laugh with Angela Merkel

Playing football


Dancing again...

Playing pool with the Italian PM

That time her slogan fell apart at the 2017 Tory conference.

Literally, everything to do with Brexit...

Actually getting one over on 'comedian' Lee Nelson

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