Data reveals that mentions of Trump on social media have fallen by 91 per cent since he was banned
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Social media chat about Donald Trump has fallen by around 91 per cent since he was banned from Facebook and Twitter.

According to data compiled by Newswhip, a media intelligence agency, mentions of the former President dropped steeply between 6th January and 3rd May, after the platforms ruled that his tweets about the Capitol riots - in which his supporters sought to overturn the result of the presidential election - were inciting further violence.

The data showed that mentions of Trump fell particularly steeply after the end of his second impeachment trial in February.

Meanwhile, more data from SocialFlow reveals that Trump stories fell 81 per cent from January to February, another 56 per cent from February to March and 40 per cent from March to April.

Meanwhile, the news comes after Facebook announced it would continue the suspension of Trump from its platform, while he is still banned from Twitter.

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While American immunologist Dr Fauci found it funny, Trump wasn’t best pleased and said the social media companies were “corrupt”.

So, he made a blog to post his inane ramblings instead and has already made a number of pretty odd comments to the surprise of no one.

Oh, dear. With Trump losing his grip on the internet, it seems he needs an urgent rebrand. Maybe he, like Farage, will soon end up on Cameo?

We hope so.

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