Comedian’s viral spoof interview ‘with Peppa Pig employee’ is the funniest thing you’ll watch today

Comedian’s viral spoof interview ‘with Peppa Pig employee’ is the funniest thing you’ll watch today

In scenes that had us unable to decide whether to laugh or cry, the prime minister Boris Johnson praised Peppa Pig World during a speech that went off the rails on Monday.

The leader of the country also made car noises during the same speech, which the official Downing St transcript included as: “Arum arum araaaaaagh”.

Even better were the pictures that emerged showing his gleeful face on one of the rides, looking noticeably dishevelled in an ill-fitting hat, as well as all the memes which inevitably followed.

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson enjoys a ride with his wife Carrie Johnson and son at Peppa Pig World near Owervia REUTERS

In response to the avalanche of Peppa Pig political news this week, actor and comedian Rosie Holt uploaded a hilarious parody of what she imagined a Peppa Pig World staff member might say if interviewed about the PM’s visit.

One of the mock-up tickers across the screen reads: “A staff member says Boris Johnson liked the theme park ‘very much’ and said ‘he looks like a hairdryer doesn’t he?’” – in reference to Johnson comparing Peppa to a “Picasso-like hairdryer”.

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The “staff member” reveals that Johnson really enjoyed the visit and went on all the rides while his wife Carrie looked after the baby.

The “employee” goes on to say they don’t believe Johnson has been there himself, but “quite a few” of his kids have. In September of this year, amid much speculation, the prime minister said that he has six children with a seventh on the way.

Holt also joked about Johnson’s praise of the safe streets of Peppa Pig World. In the clip, she says: “He made a bit of a joke about introducing a street tax in 2022, I think it was a joke, because he said it would only hit the north which would be rubbish because my cousin who works at Gordon the Gopher World in Grimsby has a real struggle because no one can get there” (a subtle reference to derailed plans for HS2).

They hosted a “swine parade”, the comedian said, before everyone danced to “getting piggy with it”.

The clip also contained a reference to Dave – former prime minister David Cameron – who we assume is probably barred from the park.

She said Johnson’s aide had to remind him to do his speech, to which he “replied”: “This is my speech! Down with the BBC!”

Holt’s skit has received more than half a million views on Twitter since it was uploaded on Tuesday afternoon.

People replied to the clip, with some simply telling Holt that she made their day.

If you’re hungry for more Peppa-themed silliness, check out the top memes inspired by Johnson’s Peppa Pig speech.

Or, if you’re curious how many times Peppa Pig has been mentioned in Parliament, we’ve outlined all the times the cartoon was mentioned by an MP. 

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