Woman has boyfriend FaceTime her during his 12-hour shift because she doesn’t ‘trust females’

Woman has boyfriend FaceTime her during his 12-hour shift because she doesn’t ‘trust females’

A woman makes her boyfriend FaceTime her during his whole 12-hour shift - and the internet has a lot to say.

Nela, the woman in question, took to the couple’s joint TikTok account to post a video of her and her boyfriend Jose on FaceTime together while he was at work.

Nela said that her reasoning isn’t because she doesn’t trust that her boyfriend Jose is working; it’s because she doesn’t ‘trust females.’

“My boyfriend needs to FaceTime me his whole 12-hour shift. NOT BECAUSE I don’t trust him, but because I don’t trust females,” the on-screen caption said as Jose packed boxes and Nela appeared to do house chores.


Might quit my job & go work w/ him ! 🥰 #4u

To seemingly avoid any issues, the best way she can keep an eye on him is by ensuring that his phone camera is facing him at all times.

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There is even a part two of Nela FaceTiming Jose, so she will “know he isn’t flirting with girls” while he works.

Her initial TikTok video explaining their arrangement has been viewed more than 6.2m times. And many people think that she is obstructing his privacy.

“Girl, no, he’s working. Give him space, or he will get tired of it,” someone wrote.

“No, because this is so extensive. If you cannot trust your man to handle women, you got a problem,” another added.

A third wrote: “I hope this is a joke because this is a little too much.”

In another video, Nela noted that Jose is her “only friend,” and while he’s at work, she feels “sad” and “depressed.”

Oddly, her boyfriend posted a video on his own TikTok account about her “toxic” behaviour.

“My girlfriend be so toxic, she be making me send her screenshots of what time I clock out,” he said.

However, in a subsequent video, he expressed that he is “entertaining nothing but the packages” at work because Nela is the “baddest.”

Indy100 reached out to Nela and Jose via TikTok comment.

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