Piers Morgan taking lengthy break from struggling TalkTV show

Piers Morgan taking lengthy break from struggling TalkTV show
Piers Morgan called c*** live on air

Piers Morgan is taking a six-week break from his struggling TalkTV show Piers Morgan: Uncensored.

The British TV presenter and author, who has been called a "c***" by one of his guests, mocked for interviewing a Taliban spokesperson, and had an explosive interview with former President Donald Trump, has a viewership that is dwindling.

A report earlier this month that Rupert Murdoch's TalkTV has been rated as having "zero viewers" during certain points during primetime broadcasts.

Morgan's show's figures from Wednesday (18 May) showed that his audience was only 24,000, which isn't that much for evening television.

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As a result of the announcement of Morgan's break, some people have taken to social media to speculate that someone would have to step in for him.

Media Guido wrote: "Understand @piersmorgan is taking a six-week break from his show, no news as to who will stand in for him with his 32,000 viewers."

Another referenced Andrew Neil, the Scottish journalist, broadcaster and chairman of The Spectator who left GB News because of differences in the direction of the channel, added: "Andrew Neil took a break from GB News and never came back."

A third, who spoke on the length of time the show was on air wrote: "It hasn't even been on [the] air for six weeks...."

Someone else added: "Piers Morgan can't even beat ratings most bedroom YouTubers get, lol. Pretty safe to say TV is now the new Blockbuster and Kodak; the end is near. They know they're dying, but denial won't let them admit it."

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As Indy100 understands, Morgan's six-week break is a pre-scheduled and planned summer holiday, in which he may have time to work on other things such as his true crime series on the same network.

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