What does the intertwined fingers hand hold mean in relationships?

What does the intertwined fingers hand hold mean in relationships?
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Handholding, we've all done it in relationships but now a debate has been sparked online on how the two different ways to do this reveal the amount (or lack of) chemistry with your partner.

Influencer and author Eli Rallo (@elirallo) sparked the discussion on TikTok where she distinguished the different between the intertwined finger handholding with paw handholding.

Rallo showed an image of pop star Taylor Swift and NFL player Travis Kelce holding hands with their fingers laced together.

“I just want to make something abundantly clear, [intertwined finger handholding] is something very different to [paw handholding],” she began.

“[Intertwined] is giving ‘last night we said I love you for the first time now we can’t stop saying it’, ‘we can’t keep our hands off each other’, ‘we have both mutually agreed this is the greatest lay of our lives’ [vibes]."

“[Paw] is we hate each other but we are still together because it is convenient, before showing the singer with some of her ex-boyfriends such as Joe Alwyn.



While another image of Swift with ex-Jake Gyllenhall shows them holding hands with interlocked fingers.

“This leads me to believe two things, and this is a working thesis,” she added.

“Number one, hot men are always going to hold hands [with interlocked fingers]. Number two, men who are good in bed are always going to hold hands [with interlocked fingers]."

To conclude Rallo said: “You should never settle for one of these paw things.”

Since making her case, Rallo's video has received 9.1m views, 1.1m likes, and thousands of comments from people sharing which handholding style they find the most comfortable.

Many agreed with Rallo and said they prefer the interlocking hand-holding method.

One person said: "Intertwined fingers are the ONLY way."

"I just got intertwined fingers for the first time and ladies the paw is TRASH," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "The paw always felt like little kids holding hands on the playground for me hahahaha like WHY."

While others disagreed and shared why they think using the paw style to hold hands is the best way.

"Me and my sensory issue could never intertwine fingers," one person wrote.

Another person said: "No but intertwined fingers are not comfortable."

"I can’t do intertwined fingers bc my husband's hands are way bigger than mine and it hurts. So I hold his fingers or paw. And I love it," someone else added.

A fourth person summed up: "This is real and science."

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