Miriam Margolyes best moments: From farting on This Morning to swearing at MPs

Miriam Margolyes best moments: From farting on This Morning to swearing at MPs
Miriam Margolyes reveals bizarre item she 'always' carries around in her handbag

Miriam Margolyes has hit the headlines for, well, hitting the headlines.

The actor appeared on the cover of Vogue for their Pride edition and broke the internet with her iconic shoot and the article that went with it in which she discussed her life, her sexuality and more.

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It is not the first time Margolyes has shown the world just how iconic she is and it won't be the last.

Here are 10 of her best moments.

1. Her Vogue cover

Let us begin, then, with that Vogue photoshoot which saw Margolyes using delicately placed cherry bakewell tarts to cover her breasts.

Aside from that, Margolyes offered some interesting insights about what it means to be gay and seemed like a very entertaining interviewee indeed.

2. When she farted on This Morning

In November 2021, The Harry Potter star let one rip during an advert break, which caused Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby to crack up.

Willoughby slapped her then co-host as he wheezed: “I can’t. I can’t act professionally, I should pull myself together but Miriam has just had the most enormous fart.”

Willoughby also chuckled silently and wiped a tear from her eye.

Laughing along, Margolyes said: “You outed me.”

“You outed it,” Schofield quipped back.

3. When she had no idea who Harry Styles was

Like many celebrities, Margolyes sometimes does the odd Cameo for fans.

On one occasion, she went very off-script during a birthday message in which she was supposed to reference the famous singer.

“Forgive me, who is Harry Styles?" she asked.

"Should I know him? Is he a singer? Or is he your boyfriend?"


Reply to @rjdhul here’s the full version. She went slightly off script 💀💀💀 #fyp #foryou #miriammargolyes #cameo #funnyvideos

Awkward stuff.

4. When she taught everyone how to wash their genitals

Ever the educator, Margolyes shared some wisdom about how to keep yourself clean.

She shared the words of wisdom backstage on This Morning, where she advised scrubbing your 'bits under, over, and in-between.'

"It's very important," she laughed with a straight face, in the clip which was posted to the show's TikTok.

5. When she called Leonardo DiCaprio "smelly"

Last year, Margolyes joked that Leonardo DiCaprio was "smelly" when they met on the set of Romeo and Juliet in 1996.

"He was a bit smelly because it was very hot in Mexico," she defended. "Young boys...and he was very young at the time...they don't make themselves fragrant."

6. When she swore about Jeremy Hunt on live radio

In October 2022, Margolyes did not hold back when sharing her thoughts on the new chancellor Jeremy Hunt while live on the Today Programme on BBC Radio 4.

Talking about bumping into him, she told the presenters: "When I saw him there, I said, ‘You’ve got a hell of a job, best of luck.’ And what I really want to say was, ‘F*** you, bastard.’ But you can't say that."

Seems like even Margolyes has a filter - sort of.

7. When she said what we were all thinking about Matt Hancock

In November 2022, the actress appeared on The Six O'Clock Show where she was asked to give her views on the former health secretary Hancock joiningI'm A Celebrity, something that led him to having his Tory whip suspended from him.

Immediately, she unleashed a tirade of criticism about the politician, and even questioned why a person would want to be his "lover".

"What a vile personality!" she said. "What an appalling adulterous creep."

"And why we have him on our televisions I don't know" she continued. "I don't know why he was thought of a proper person to entertain.

"He's a vile human being. He nearly destroyed our national health service, he sent loads of people with Covid, old ladies, back into their care homes.

"I think he's a detestable, vile, puny individual. How anybody can let him be their lover I don't know. I think he's vile and I think the same of most of that government".

Say what you really think, Miriam.

8. When she explained how Lawrence Olivier turned her on

Someone who she has a warmer feeling to is Olivier.

Margolyes appeared on Graham Norton with a story about meeting the actor that turned quite graphic.

She started her story by saying: "I used to collect autographs at the stage door."

Miriam then began to get more graphic by describing how she became sexually aroused when she saw the star.

9. When she got told off by the Queen

In 2020, Margolyes recalled an awkward encounter she had with the late Queen.

Watch below to find out why the Queen shouted "be quiet" to Margolyes.

10. When she described having 'a w**k'

In a video message recorded and sent to a fan, Margolyes revealed all about a wank she had which she "thoroughly enjoyed".

At the end of the video, she said she had a fart coming and she delivered it before signing off.

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Miriam Margolyes - absolutely iconic.

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