GTA 6 trailer frustration as Rockstar devs fume at leak – LIVE updates

GTA 6 trailer frustration as Rockstar devs fume at leak – LIVE updates
Grand Theft Auto VI Trailer
Rockstar Games

Well, folks, the moment the gaming world spent some 10 years waiting for finally arrived last night.

Rockstar Games released the trailer for Grand Theft Auto Vi(GTA 6), though, admittedly, not in the way it wanted.

The company was forced to unveil the teaser some 15 hours early after it leaked online.

They weren't happy but fans of the series most certainly were, as the latest instalment looks every bit as vibrantly, hedonistically stunning as everyone had hoped it would be.

Set in the iconic Vice City (inspired by Miami), it promises to be a Bonnie and Clyde-style saga headed up by its first female protagonist – Lucia.

The only downside, perhaps, is the release date of the game itself: 2025 – so another whole year and a bit to wait.

Still, what's another year, when it's already been this long, eh?

Tom Petty loves it

Petty's official X account noted his love for 'Runnin' Down A Dream' being included in the GTA: San Andreas soundtrack, and now that is doubled with 'Love Is A Long Road' scoring the GTA 6 trailer.

The X CEO has had to cover for Elon Musk on GTA 6

X/Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino has been left apparently performing some damage control after Elon Musk’s comments about GTA 6.

The GTA 6 trailer is on its way to breaking YouTube viewing records after the 90-second video was viewed over 70 million views just hours after release.]

Rockstar Games, the company behind the fan-favourite franchise, was forced to release the trailer earlier than planned as its marketing plans were scuppered after the trailer was leaked on X/Twitter.

Despite GTA 6 being the top trending topic in several countries around the world, Twitter owner and tech billionaire Musk took the opportunity to dump on the game, saying he never played it because he “didn’t like doing crime”.

And Yaccarino had to step in

'Wild' GTA 6 storyline leaked months ago to Adin Ross now seems legit

As Grand Theft Auto fans continue to dissect the prematurely released GTA 6 trailer, many have been reminded of an old interview.

A few months ago, streamer Adin Ross interviewed a guest on his livestream who claimed to be an ex-employee of Rockstar Games – the maker of GTA.

During their chat, the unnamed interviewee shared what he claimed were "all the juicy details" about the hotly anticipated game. But many viewers were sceptical at the time.

Firstly, the former Rockstar worker said the protagonist would be a woman called Lucia. Next, he said she would be in prison.

And there's a lot more than that in the 'juicy' conversation.

Read it all here

Elon Musk explains why he'll never play GTA 6

Elon Musk explains why he'll never play GTA 6

Millions are looking forward to GTA 6 - but one gamer who isn't amongst that number is arguably the highest profile.

Yes, Elon Musk doesn't fancy playing GTA 6 AT ALL.

You might be asking yourself why he isn't showing interest, because, surely, after years of playing the likes of Overwatch, Diablo IV and Elden Ring, he should be well up for the biggest gaming release of all time?


In fact, his experience with GTA V has put Musk off from trying GTA 6.

Get the full story here.

GTA 6 followers spot clever real-life references in new trailer

GTA 6 followers spot clever real-life references in new trailer

Eagle-eyed fans also spotted real-life references subtly included in the teaser, showing that Rockstar wants to make this gaming experience as vivid and authentic as possible.

Full story

Rockstar developers fume

A few Rockstar developers have shared their frustrations about the trailer leak in now deleted social media messages.

"I was hoping to watch this for the first time tomorrow with fellow teammates and coworkers. I feel we deserved that moment," said one.

"I'm actually not going to watch this until I'm in the office with people I made this with and worked so f***ing hard to make it happen" said another.

Real-life references

There's a bunch of real-life references in the GTA 6 trailer.

Did you spot the Florida Hammer lady? That's one of many.

What you may have missed in the trailer

A Florida beach - shown in-game in GTA 6A Florida beach - shown in-game in GTA 6Rockstar Games

It flew by - but there's some details to pick up on in the trailer. Some you might've missed!

Here's what you might've missed from the GTA 6 trailer

If you clocked all of those, we'll have a piece up soon on the deeper references in GTA 6's trailer.

Stayin' Alive

First it was the Reddit user who gave up smoking to ensure they remained healthy come 2025, now this.

We've seen more posts about people trying to stay alive until the GTA 6 release than anything else! The health anxiety is real.

A GTA classic will survive the GTA V to GTA VI transition

Weazel News will never die.

IShowSpeed's reaction to the trailer is a perfect summary of the general consensus

Inevitably, the series continues to prompt concern among critics

GTA 6 doesn't look like it'll be available for PC

According to a press release from Rockstar Games, it's currently planned for release in 2025 on Xbox Series X and S, and PlayStation 5.

But, so far, there's no word on a PC release.

The trailer has already given birth to a new meme

What does the trailer's backing track tell us about what to expect from the game?

Tom Petty's 1989 anthem 'Love is a Long Road' is the theme tune to the teaser.

Now, of course, on a basic level, we can see the significance of "long roads" in the winding streets of Vice City, especially since a mock-up map (also apparently leaked online) suggests it'll be bigger than ever.

But we can also consider the mood of the song – about doomed love between a man and a woman.

We know our protagonist, Lucia, has a male counterpart, so we can expect a treacherous route ahead for the duo..

Here's what one of the game's developers had to say about the leak

Within 8 hours of being released, the official trailer has been viewed more than 46.3 million times

And that's just on YouTube...

Morning, all! Let's start by looking at that glorious trailer itself

And there we have it.

GTA 6 WILL be set in Vice City. It will feature two playable protagonists. It DOES hint at a number of features (was that TikTok?) and it WILL release in 2025.

We're taking a break. We'll be back in the morning with some big analysis on the trailer.

See you soon.

People are buzzing for GTA 6

Rockstar Games has now officially published the GTA 6 trailer

The leak spreads

Multiple versions of the leak are now hitting X.

The leaker has already been suspended on X

The hammer is already coming down. The leaked trailer was already seen over 40,000 times, with the account sharing the trailer being suspended on X.

It was always going to happen.

Rockstar must be fuming

They were so close to making it until the 5th - but this last-minute leak has caught Rockstar out.

Some are joking that Rockstar might set the release date back as punishment. No chance they do that!

BREAKING: The GTA 6 trailer has leaked

The GTA 6 trailer has leaked online ahead of tomorrow's official reveal, and it confirms a number of rumours.


The Big Q

GTA 6 is going to break all sorts of records. Player-count, financials...

But what about views on the trailer? If the GTA V trailer got 93 million views after 12 years, how many can GTA 6's get in one day?

We'll know the answer this week.

Everything we know about Grand Theft Auto 6

Grand Theft Auto 6

How do you follow the biggest game of the last decade? That’s the dilemma Rockstar games have to deal with as they prepare to release Grand Theft Auto 6

Here's EVERYTHING we know about the upcoming game ahead of tomorrow's trailer.


Truly, the final day of the GTA V era is upon us. Tomorrow, we start looking ahead to GTA 6.

Some fans want to reflect, and are taking one last look at the GTA V trailer.

Remember how buzzing we all were when we saw Los Santos for the first time? Little did we know how big the game would be, and that we would end up with three lead characters.

It'll soon be time to say goodbye to Trevor, Michael, and Franklin.

A handful of people have already seen the trailer

Data found by the GTA 6 reddit suggests a lucky bunch of people have already seen the trailer.

And they've all given it a 100% rating.

How long is the GTA 6 trailer?

If you've been wondering how long the GTA 6 trailer is going to be, we've got just the new for you. Updates from Playsation Size suggests it'll be 91 seconds long.

For reference, that is longer than the GTA V trailer (84 seconds) and the Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer (68 seconds)

Four things we can expect from the first GTA 6 trailer 

We're all on tenterhooks waiting for GTA 6 details, and before the trailer bares all, we've made some predictions - just like many fans across the internet.

Some delved into the past, some asked ChatGPT, others just wandered deep into their imaginations, just to predict details in the first GTA 6 trailer.

Here's what to expect

GTA 6 fans convinced minimal teaser image has hidden detail about game

Ahead of the trailer Rockstar Games released a single image for the trailer which is of a sunset against palm trees and three seagulls. Nothing too special and worth reading into? Think again.

Over on Reddit, fans have theorised that the three birds could signify something deeper about a gameplay feature that mirrors GTA V.

Read the full story

The map could be massive!

New GTA 6 map leak analysis reveals true extent of game's massive scopeNew GTA 6 map leak analysis reveals true extent of game's massive scope

GTA 6 fans have proven their dedication and obsession about the upcoming Rockstar Games release - even without the trailer.

Deep analysis of leaked portions of the Grand Theft Auto 6 map show a huge Vice City - and multiple states.

It's going to be massive.

Fans claim GTA 6's trailer date was hidden in plain sight all along

After all the buzz, speculations and rumours online, it turns out the gaming company may have had the trailer date in full view all along.

One eagle-eyed gamer turned to X/Twitter with a fascinating observation, explaining how a T-shirt merch drop in GTA 5 showed writing saying, "One day will reveal all".

Upon closer inspection, the shirt featured a series of numbers that unknowingly revealed the trailer's release date.

Read more

GTA games are coming to Netflix

Netflix has announced that three new games, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy, will launch on its app in December when the trailer for GTA 6 comes out.

The three games are Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which the streaming platform says have been optimised for mobile gameplay.

Netflix confirmed the games will be playable via the App Store, Google Play and the Netflix mobile app for subscribers.

Read more

One tiny poster detail sends fans wild

Rockstar Games

Ahead of the trailer Rockstar Games released a single image for the trailer which is of a sunset against palm trees and three seagulls. Nothing too special and worth reading into? Think again.

Over on Reddit, fans have theorised that the three birds could signify that the game will again have three playable characters just like there were in GTA 5.

One user wrote: "I was wondering if the three birds were significant, like maybe we’re getting three characters again."

IGN reports that people think the birds signify what songs could be included in the game with popular suggestions being 'Three Little Birds' by Bob Marley and The Wailers or 'Free Bird' by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Read more

The GTA memes continue to roll in...

Excitement builds for one surprising aspect 

With rumours and leaks rife, GTA fans turn their attention to one surprising aspect they're most looking forward to: The new and improved weather graphics.

"Rain already looked fantastic in GTA 5 but it's looking even crazier in GTA 6. especially in two clips," they shared.

Read more

More fans share what they'd like to see 

No confirmed release date as of yet 

We don’t know the release date yet, of course, but we do know that people have been speculating about a release by March 2025.

Why? Well, Rockstar is hinting that major things are planned for the fiscal year of 2025.

Strauss Zelnick is the CEO and chairman of Rockstar owners Take-Two. He previously said in a statement: "We remain confident that we are positioning our business for a significant inflection point in fiscal 2025, which we believe will include new record levels of operating performance.

"We would like to thank all of our stakeholders for their continued support, and we look forward to delivering on this exciting next chapter."

Read more

Fans speculate over GTA 6's location 

One of the main talking points is where the new GTA will be set.

Many believe the game will return to one of its most iconic maps, Vice City, with more interior locations than ever before.

Recent analysis by fans on the GTA 6 Reddit page concludes that the map will be bigger than GTA V's Los Santos, and may include visits to other states as well as in-game representations of Florida landmarks, including the keys, Disney World and the Everglades.

Read more

The countdown begins... 

Fans express excitement over new GTA 6 logo

Redditors claim TikTok 'leak' is real


GTA 6 just leaked again #foryou #gta6 #leak

Firstly there were claims that the post was shared by the son of Aaron Garbut, one of the top names at Rockstar North, GTA 6's developers.

There is nothing official which says that Garbut's son was responsible for the leak, other than that the account that shared the footage said that they knew him and in the comments said he's "the coolest dude I met."

Reddit also uncovered a screenshot of an apparent text conversation between Aaron Garbut and an unknown person which appears to show him confirming that the leak is real as well as other details about the map, which states that it will be made up of three major cities and four sub-cities surrounding them.

Read more

Supposed leak on TikTok reveals new detail

Alleged footage from GTA 6 has been leaked online via TikTok hours ahead of the game's trailer premiere.

The footage, showing slowed-down gameplay, has since been removed by Rockstar Games but has reappeared across other social media platforms and Reddit.

While some believed it to be a part of an elaborate prank, some gamers have suggested there's evidence that it is legit.

Read more

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