Nigel Farage’s absence from the second day of the Brexit Betrayal march he had asked his supporters to join didn’t exactly go unnoticed as protestors were met with signs asking “where’s Nigel?”

Just one week after the Brexit Betrayal march was hijacked by Pro-EU Activists, the former UKIP leader led protesters as they set off from Sunderland on Saturday amid chaotic scenes, but he wasn’t there as it continued through Middlesbrough on its second day.

The ambitious trek will end with a mass rally in Westminster on 29 March – the day Britain is due to leave the EU – but so far, only 200 of the “more 350 people” who signed up for it have taken part.

Launching the event last month, the former UKIP leader tweeted:

We’re marching from Sunderland to London… get your walking boots on

But he later admitted he would only walk “some of it”.

The marchers were met with plenty of reminders that Farage had decided to take an early exit from what he described as an “historic rally of Brexiteers”.

Anti-Brexit campaigners Led By Donkeys were behind many of the posters actively trolling Farage at his own march.

And in characteristic style, Led by Donkeys made sure to blow up some of Farage's and other Brexiteers' old tweets on posters to highlight their "hypocrisy".

Some people even speculated that the March For Brexit was a work of “satiric genius” by Farage.

Speaking at the event for his one-day appearance on Saturday, Farage said:

If you see what has been happening in Parliament this week, we may well not be leaving the EU.

If politicians think they can walk all over us, then we’re going to march back and tell them they can’t. Simple as that.

The campaign’s website says tickets to be “core marchers”, who pay £50 to get fully-paid accommodation, breakfast and dinner for the duration of the 14-day event, have sold out.

Richard Tice, co-chair of Leave Means Leave, which is organising the rally, tweeted:

Huge support in Middlesbrough on March to Leave day 2. Ordinary voters furious at Parliament betraying Brexit.

Speaking on Channel 4, he also said that a "thousand" had turned up to the march on the first day, but other leading supporters said numbers failed to top 200.

While the march might not be measuring up to be the historic event Farage predicted, at least he can look forward to these gifts on his return to the European Parliament.

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