Spotify Wrapped 2023 LIVE: World reacts to learning their favourite songs

Spotify Wrapped 2023 LIVE: World reacts to learning their favourite songs

It’s that time of year again. Spotify is telling its users just how bad their music taste is with its Spotify Wrapped roundup – and it has some special new features this time around.

The annual marketing campaign tracks subscribers’ music consumption, from favourite genre or artist all the way through to the total number of minutes they spent listening to songs over the year.

There are some surprises too, including a system that gives you a city based on your listening habits – or a “sound town,” as Spotify calls it.

Follow live as Spotify’s 574m subscribers make sense of the annual bundle of stats that gets everybody so excited.

Artists are jumping on the bandwagon

Of course, the fanfare isn't just for Spotify subscribers – musicians love Spotify Wrapped too.

Like last year, artists have recorded special messages for their listeners who placed them on the platform’s toplists.

Among the artists to take part this year were superstars including Taylor Swift, Bad Bunny, Peso Pluma, NewJeans, SZA, KAROL G and Jung Kook.

14 of the best Spotify Wrapped memes

We've compiled some of the best Spotify Wrapped memes from today so you don't have to.

From this one about football commentator Peter Drury, to pretending to be surprised that Beyonce came out on top, there's something for everyone.

People are finding out their Spotify Wrapped personalities

Turns out that this year's Spotify Wrapped also gives you a "personality".

If you’re the kind to play the same song again and again, then you’re a “Time Traveler”.

If you like playing sad music in the dark then you’re a “Vampire.”

And if you create your own playlists more than others do, you’re an “Alchemist.”

Here are Gen Z's favourite songs on Spotify for 2023

Consumer trends writer Casey Lewis shares the top songs for Gen Z-ers, which Spotify apparently shared with her exclusively.

Turns out that, alongside SZA, Taylor Swift and Harry Styles, the young-uns also like a certain indie rock band from Sheffield...

Spotify Wrapped is so popular, it keeps crashing for some people

Some people are having a great time finding out their "sound town", but others are getting serious fomo.

Instead of landing on the Wrapped story when clicking on it, many people are getting server error messages.

There are numerous reports on X/Twitter of people having the same issue on both desktop and mobile versions of Spotify Wrapped.

How will they find out how many weeks they spent listening to Taylor Swift on repeat now?!

These are the world's favourite albums of 2023

The most-streamed album of 2023, for the second year in a row, is Un Verano Sin Ti by Bad Bunny with more than 4.5bn global streams, followed by Taylor Swift’s album, Midnights.

SZA takes the third spot with SOS and rounding out the list in the fourth and fifth spots are Starboy by The Weeknd and MAÑANA SERÁ BONITO by KAROL G.

It was a big year for Swifties, who also got Taylor Swift'sLover into the top 10.

Meanwhile, Harry Styles'Harry's House makes it into tenth despite being released in 2022.

How Spotify compiles its Wrapped statistics

Spotify have never officially said how they compile their data for Wrapped, but a Reddit user in 2021 revealed how they believed it works.

In the post Hudsonlovestech pointed out six key takeaways that they discovered after downloading their data from the music platform.

They were:

  • This year the data was logged from January 1st 00:00 to November 15th 23:59.
  • You have to listen to a song for more than 30 seconds for it to count in your song rankings.
  • Your top songs are calculated by play count rather than total time listened.
  • In your top 100 playlist only the first 10 songs are sorted by play count, the rest are close but sorted by artist.
  • Your total time listening includes podcasts.
  • Your top artists are calculated by total play counts rather than total time listening.

Here's what Alicia Keys thinks will be on her Spotify Wrapped 2023


We asked some of your faves who they think will make an appearance on their #SpotifyWrapped this year 💚 Who is definitely appearing on yours?

Spotify has asked celebrities who they thought would make it onto their Wrapped. Here's what they said...

How to see your Spotify Wrapped 2023

BeReal reveals how to connect your account with Spotify


Finding your Spotify Wrapped couldn't be easier.

You just need to go to your Spotify app on the day it drops and it'll be there waiting for you at the top of the app alongside your saved songs and albums.

Alternatively, if you just use Spotify on a laptop or desktop you can visit and use it from there.

These are the biggest songs of 2023, according to Spotify Wrapped

Miley, check. Harry Styles, check. Taylor Swift, check.

No surprises there, then.

Mae Muller reveals her Spotify fan stats

How could we forget the UK's valiant contender for Eurovision 2023?

Mae Muller finished right at the bottom, in 25th place, in Liverpool earlier this year.

But with 6m new listeners turning to her on Spotify, it doesn't seem to have done her career any harm...

Spotify Wrapped just keeps getting earlier...


The past few years Wrapped has arrived earlier and earlier, as reported by the Radio Times, so it's not surprise that its arrived on November 29th. Here are the dates it arrived on the previous years.

  • 2017: 6th December
  • 2018: 6th December
  • 2019: 5th December
  • 2020: 2nd December
  • 2021: 1st December
  • 2022: 30th November

Female pop stars dominate Spotify in 2023

Taylor Swift (Isabel Infantes/PA)

Isabel Infantes/PA

As people scramble to check out their personal listening habits, Spotify has also released its global trends – and female pop stars came out on top.

Taylor Swift was the most streamed artist in the UK and across the world, with an eye-watering 26.1bn global streams this year.

She also had the second-most streamed album with Midnights, narrowly beaten by Bad Bunny'sUn Verano Sin Ti. SZA took the third spot with SOS.

Miley Cyrus’ record-breaking hit Flowers was the most streamed song, with more than 1.6bn global streams this year. In the second and third spots respectively, were Kill Bill by SZA and As It Was by Harry Styles.

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