The 25 most bizarre and outrageous TikTok moments of 2022

The 25 most bizarre and outrageous TikTok moments of 2022
TikTok round-up most popular clips of 2022

It's been quite the year for TikTok.

New challenges, viral videos, influencers, catchy one-liners, ridiculous mashups, and more have graced the for you page leaving 80 million US people entertained for endless hours.

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So, as we look to the new year we remember our favorite infamous moments all thanks to the addictive app.

1. West Elm Caleb

For a moment in time, the whole world was anticipating which New York City-based woman was going to have a horrifying dating experience with the so-called "West Elm Caleb".


Reply to @hannahklub tiktok algorithm do yo thang #warning #westelmcaleb #nyc

2. Smash or Pass with Disney characters

"Which ____ character are you?" filters became very popular on social media this year. But rather than use it to figure out who they are best represented by, people on TikTok played "smash or pass" with it.

3. Influencers drinking fish tank cleaner

A "wellness influencer" promoted consuming methylene blue which is used to clean fish tanks, leading to some medical warnings.


#stitch with @abienergy22 no to methylene blue for covid #covid19 #pandemic #science #health #doctor #fypシ

4. This woman becoming a viral sensation for hitting her back

TikToker Katey Lorrell (@kateylorrell) accidentally hit her back while trying to show off her outfit and the sound of her yelling ended up becoming a viral sound.


Just trying to show my fit off but the good lord had other plans 😩🥲 #voiceeffects #ScreamItOut #hurt

5. When a cosmetic company got involved in the Amber Heard v Johnny Depp trial

During the highly publicized defamation trial between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, cosmetic company Milani Cosmetics made a TikTok video calling out Heard for incorrectly stating when she used one of their products.


You asked us… let the record show that our Correcting Kit launched in 2017!👀 #milanicosmetics

6. Feral Girl Summer begins

Sure, some people prefer to have a "hot girl summer" but people on TikTok introduced the idea of a "feral girl summer" where they would go... feral.


#feralgirlsummer #thatgirl #aloyoga

7. The Duolingo owl and Scrub Daddy mascot hooking up

In one of the stranger brand crossovers, the Duolingo owl and Scrub Daddy mascot got together to make a video sharing their love story- including the birth of their sponge-owl children.


Words can simply not describe this beautiful moment. @duolingo #scrubdaddy #smile #cleantok #cleaningtiktok #smile #duolingo

8. You just got Krissed

The new version of rick-rolling took TikTok by storm in June after users posted sped-up videos of Kris Jenner singingLady Marmalade.


she deserves better #kimkardashian #kanyewest #petedavidson #kyliejenner #kendallljenner #kardashian #kardashians #kuwtk

9. He's a 10 but...

This trend had people getting creative while imagining a not-so-perfect partner. "He's a 10 but he has the exact same voice as your brother." Turns out, he's a 3.5.


ok what do y’all think LMAOO #hesa10but

10. Louis Theroux's rap returns

Louis Theroux's famous rap My Money Don’t Jiggle Jiggle from the 2000s made a return on TikTok this year, and even earned a remix.

does this turn you on? #fyp

11. Gentleminions

Easily the strangest trend of 2022 was when the children's movie Minions: The Rise of Gru hit theaters and packs of young people were turning up in suits to see the movie in theaters. Children were traumatised.


The most anticipated of the year. #riseofgru #minions #gentleminions

12. The Kia challenge

The Kia challenge went viral this summer after one person claimed you could start a Kia car using just a USB cable in the car's ignition. One Kia owner even had her car broken into because of the challenge.

13. The honey method

Witches on TikTok offered those trying to find love using a spell involving honey.


Replying to @rbc.milena ignore my cheeks i have pimple patches #honeymethod #honeyspell #lovespells #makehimobsessed #manifestingtips #manifestingadvice #manifestingtok

14. Zombies in China

This trend emerged as a result of a misinterpretation article titled: "This is how a zombie apocalypse is most likely to start in China". But it resulted in people believing China was about to experience a zombie apocalypse.


we be slaying #zombieapocalypse #zombie #zombiesinchina #survivor #residentevil #slay #flexible #smart #hashze #fyp #fypシ

15. "What on Earth is going on in the House of Commons?"

No line better embossed this year in UK politics than this viral sound from Tom Bradby.


What next #fyp #funny #news #borisjohnson

16. Quiet quitting

People working overtime were encouraged to stop doing anything more than the job they are paid to do.


More people are “quiet quitting” instead of leaving. #quitmyjob #corporate #corporatelife #job #jobburnout #greatresignation #career #workthisway #

17. Sunning your hole

TikTokers claimed that "perineum sunning" increased their happiness but doctors highly advise against this.

18. The Nyquil chicken

A "sleepy chicken" recipe took off on TikTok where people falsely claimed that adding Nyquil to raw chicken can cure cold and sickness symptoms.


19. Mouth taping

Some influencers swore that tapping their mouths at night reaped benefits leading to a plethora of mouth tapers. Once again, doctors did not recommend it.


Reply to @christinakaiulan6 Beauty and Anti Aging while you Sleep pt 1 ♥️ #mouthtape #antiaging #beautyroutine

20. Jeffery Dahmer polaroid challenge

This unnecessary and horrifying challenge had TikTokers searching for the prolific serial killer's polaroids online and then filming their reactions to them.


#jeffreydahmer #dahmer #jeffreydahmerphotos

21. The 'I wanna kill my mom' sound

A little boy singing 'I wanna kill my mom' took over the platform earlier this year that led people to share inconveniences with life.


Meanwhile there’s a 7 year old who’s Hermes Kelly has an Hermes Kelly. I wish I had a #trustfund #luxurylife #foryoupage #viral #jokes

22. Eboy haircuts

The TikTok "wet mop" look has become the most requested haircut amongst barbers thanks to popular TikTokers like Noah Beck and Bryce Hall.



23. Doubloons

Not exactly a cryptocurrency but not exactly a fake currency - doubloons became the hottest online currency by confusing half of TikTok.


this is a joke #dabloons #dabloonscat

24. "Only in Ohio"

What do you do when something strange or ridiculous appears on your for your page? Blame Ohio.


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25. "Poor Ronaldo"

A young Moroccan girl expressed sarcastic sympathy for Cristiano Ronaldo after Portugal lost against Morocco in the World Cup which skyrocketed her to TikTok fame.

"Poor Ronaldo," trended on the app for weeks after.


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Can't wait to see what TikTok brings us in 2023, so long as it's still legal to use.

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