Indy100 is the site where you decide the news agenda

Indy100 is the site where you decide the news agenda

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Indy100 is the only news site on the internet where you decide the news agenda.

Our voting system means that you control our homepage - deciding what goes up, and what goes down.

When you like a story, just hit the upvote button and our algorithm will make sure it rises up, and more people see it.

That’s great if it’s a topic you care about and want to help give it more visibility.

It also helps our team see what you want to see more of.

That also means that stories without many upvotes slip down our homepage towards oblivion, so bear that in mind.

We also want to hear from you: Send us your favourite TikTok videos, the viral tweets that have made you giggle, ideas for stories you want to see us cover, or even just a ‘hello’. You can get in touch by emailing:

So without further ado, here are your top 100 most-liked recent stories from Indy100:

Emily Ratajkowski summed up Pete Davidson's sex appeal Getty Images

Harry Styles' gig are about way more than just the music, these days Helene Marie Pambrun via Getty

This was their reaction... This Morning/ITV

Elon Musk is never far from the headlines AFP/Getty

Priti Patel, who's never far from the headlines Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP

Adele spoke for the nation. PA

Ian Hislop from the top rope

Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves has had a career spanning 30 years Joel Ryan/Invision/AP

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