Four words in the X-Men '97 trailer are giving fans chills

Four words in the X-Men '97 trailer are giving fans chills

To me, my X-Men.

Or at least to Disney + - and on March 20th - For that is when the successor to the smash hit X-Men animated series drops.

X-Men '97 - featuring an animation style in throwback to the original - will carry on where the original animated series left off, with the X-Men including Cyclops, Rogue, Jubilee, Gambit, Storm and of course, Wolverine, amongst others, picking up the pieces after Charles Xavier's death.

The '90s series is A) possibly the most 90's TV series of all time and B) that defined the look and personalities of Marvel's legendary mutant heroes outside of comic-book runs. It was followed, and then outshined, by a run of seriously successful blockbuster movies that brought the legendary characters to life.

The first trailer for the show features the X-Men in their pomp and hints at them locking horns again with their on-off enemy Magneto. Towards the end of the trailer Cyclops also utters the immortal lines 'To me, my X-Men,' which is giving fans all sorts of chills.

Will X-Men '97 send the famous mutants in a new, successful direction? Or will it just be timely nostalgia bait?

We'll see in March. I've got my hopes up.

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