Frank Lampard addresses legendary meme in best way possible

Frank Lampard addresses legendary meme in best way possible

Frank Lampard has finally discussed the distinctive quirk which made him one of the most-shared football memes during his time as a manager.

The former Chelsea and England star became well known for switching between two distinctive facial expressions every time he spoke to the press.

Essentially, every time he was interviewed he would start with a smile, before quickly getting serious and turning his face into a frown.

Once you’d seen him do it once, you couldn’t miss it – and now he’s talked about it for the first time on the Stick to Football podcast.

He was asked by Jamie Carragher: "Can I ask you one thing? You must be aware when you're managing and when you do your interviews and you do that thing where you're laughing and then you go serious?"

"Yeah, I've seen. My daughter sent it to me loads,” Lampard said, seeing the funny side.

"Do you know when you're doing it? Or are you thinking about it?" Carragher laughed.

Lampard replied; "Nah I've tried to stop it now… My daughter sent it to me ages ago. It was a meme, or whatever they call it. But now I've seen it I can't unsee it. But I've done a few press conferences where I've done it and then you think 'oh sh*t, I've just done that'. You know what I mean, I can't help it!"

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