YouTuber reveals how Marcus Rashford crashed his £700k Rolls Royce

YouTuber reveals how Marcus Rashford crashed his £700k Rolls Royce

A YouTuber has revealed what happened when Manchester United star Marcus Rashford crashed a £700k Rolls Royce Wraith by Mansory with just 1,000 miles on the clock.

Mat Armstrong is a content creator from Leicester who rebuilds wrecked expensive cars, like Ferraris, McLarens, Porsches and loads more.

He was a Manchester United fan when he was a kid and recently bought Marcus Rashford's wrecked car for £180k and set about restoring it.

On September 24 2023, Marcus's Rolls Royce was seen with huge damage after a crash which saw his car knock down a lamp post in Carrington, Greater Manchester.

In the first video Mat posted, he came across all sorts of problems, including the car not starting and levels of damage being 'way worse than thought'.

After trying and failing to get the car started consistently in that video, Mat said in his latest one that because Rashford's team got in touch with him, he managed to get the 'ghost' code to start the car.

It's like a password - certain buttons must be pressed in a certain order for it to start.

The Man Utd star's team also gave Mat a number of items from the car which were recovered in the crash which saved him thousands of pounds.

The team also shared more details of what happened after giving him a bumper from the car as well.

In the video, Mat said: "Rashford has seen the video and is a little upset, saying the crash isn't his fault - and I believe him.

"Insurers actually paid out and it wasn't his insurers that paid out for the damage - it was the 74-year-old lady that caused the accident."

He then explains how the accident happened on the A6144 Carrington Way in September 2023.

Mat said: "A lane splits into two - and from my understanding the lady was driving in the left lane and Rashford was driving in the right lane.

"But later down the road, she went to merge into the right lane and hit Marcus's car, sending him into a spin and smashing down the lamp post.

"Luckily, both of them were okay, but it was deemed the lady's fault."

To help restore Marcus's vehicle, Mat bought an old Rolls Royce for £97k just for parts.

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