David Baddiel says Whoopi Goldberg's comments reveal 'confusions people have around anti-semitism'

David Baddiel, a comedian and author of Jews Don't Count, said Whoopi Goldberg's comments reveal "a lot about confusions people have around anti-semitism."

On Monday's episode of The View, Goldberg claimed that the Holocaust "is not about race."

In response to the claim, Baddiel, who appeared on Good Morning Britain on Wednesday (February 2), spoke about the controversy surrounding the host who has been suspended from the ABC series.

"One of the principle things going on here is the resistance to the idea that anti-semitism is racism. What does Whoopi Goldberg think it is? What a lot of people think it is is religious intolerance," Baddiel told hosts GMB hosts Susanna Reid and Adil Ray.

He continued: "The Nazis were not interested in faith; they were interested in racial purity."

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