Freestyle skier Eileen Gu a cultural phenomenon beyond Beijing 2022

Freestyle skier Eileen Gu a cultural phenomenon beyond Beijing 2022

Eileen Gu, The 18-year-old Chinese American freestyle skier, who decided to compete for China over the US, brings her star quality everywhere she goes, including the 2022 Beijing Olympics.

According to The National, Gu became the face of China's team and was featured in a film about the Olympic torch.

As a part-time model, she also has been featured on the cover of InStyle magazine and Tiffany Co., to name a few. She is thought to be among the highest-earning female athletes in the world.

On the other hand, there was even a crucial picture of her alongside other athletes and the Chinese president Xi Jinping.

"It reflects the social contract many Chinese are under when they're in China. You're free to make as much money as you can, but you're really not allowed to cross those red lines on politics or human rights," said sports writer Brook Larmer.

Gu, however, continues to show her appreciation for both China and the US when it comes to her opportunity.

"I've always said thank you so much to the US for all of the support they've given me and the support they continue to give me, and of course, the fans out here in China," she said.

Gu, who competed for the first time at the Olympics, also received her first gold medal.

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