Russell Brand has gone viral after mocking Brian Stelter by saying he is "jealous" of Joe Rogan.

Stelter has been a critic of Rogan and the CNN chief media correspondent said the heart of the problem is the podcaster and figures like him attract audiences who “don’t trust real newsrooms”.

Rogan was recently criticised for spreading Covid vaccine misinformation on his Spotify podcast The Joe Rogan Experience and in response, Spotify said it will add a message about Covid to their content which will direct users to accurate information on the virus and vaccines.

It seems Brand took issue with Stelter's stance and responded by siding with Rogan.

“I don’t think Joe Rogan does have an agenda … these people (CNN) do though."

“I think what’s at the heart of this is you’re jealous of Joe Rogan," Brand added.

The British comedian also mimicked Stelter's speech in his video and said: “Well, why don’t people trust me? They trust Rogan, but I’m perfectly trustworthy! Look how loose my tie knot is!”

Meanwhile, Rogan has received fresh criticism after footage emerged of him using the N-word several times in older podcast episodes.

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