Labour's Ed Miliband pulled no punches when it came to criticising Boris Johnson, saying that he has become "a stain on our politics" though he doesn't have the "scruples" to resign.

Speaking to BBC Breakfast, the shadow climate change secretary reacted to the news that four of the prime minister's senior aides have resigned and said "it feels like the captain of the ship is throwing the crew mates overboard to try and save himself”.

"This Prime Minister has shown himself to have no shame [and] no scruples,” Miliband said. “He only backs off when he’s cornered, not because he has a conscience. Frankly, I think he’s become a stain on our politics."

Miliband has also called on Johnson to resign and thinks that the Conservative Party should listen to the now-former aides and take action.

"We want him to resign but he doesn’t have the scruples that mean he would resign – all his transgressions are now up to the Conservative Party to hear what people like [Munira] Mirza are saying and act."

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