Taylor Swift course launches at New York University

Taylor Swift course launches at New York University

Some university students can learn more about Taylor Swift via the classroom.

New York University’s Clive Davis Institute recently launched its first-ever course about the pop and country phenom.

The course, which Rolling Stone journalist Brittany Spanos is teaching, began on January 26 until March 9.

Spanos, who suggested the class, said it’s a “dream” to teach at NYU and is excited to share her “Swiftie expertise with a sharp group of students”.

The class will cover the musician’s growth as “a creative music entrepreneur” and the “legacy” of the songwriters that influenced her career.

Students taking the class will also speak about girlhood and youth and “the politics of race in contemporary popular music”.

Additionally, Swift has reportedly been asked to talk to the class. However, the status of the invitation is believed to be still pending.

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