Injured eagle flies into driver's car

Injured eagle flies into driver's car

This video captures the moment a vlogger encountered an injured serpent eagle that flew into his car through an open window.

Renante Balbuena, 33, was filming his first vlog while in Tanay, Rizal, Philippines on holiday.

“I was in shock for a few seconds but I knew it wouldn’t hurt me. I was just trying to understand why on earth a bird would fly into my car!”

Balbuena then noticed that the eagle was hurt when he saw blood on his car seat. He reportedly saw that the left wing of the bird was badly wounded and missing a few primary feathers.

To prevent any more injuries, he closed his window and phoned his cousin who is a veterinarian. The cousin prescribed the eagle some medicine and Balbuena cleaned the wound and tried to feed it fruits, fish and meat.

Four days later, with the help of his fiance filming him with her phone, a GoPro and drone, Balbuena released the eagle back into the wild.

"When I tossed him I said ‘You’re healed now, fly high and free my friend. God sent you to me and you could be my genie in a bottle. Please help me become successful!'"

SWNS reporting by Jessica Hehir-Smith

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