TikToker writes Disney musical for Korean princess

TikToker writes Disney musical for Korean princess

While there currently isn't a Korean Disney princess, one TikToker decided to create her own and pen a musical around the new character.

TikToker Julia Riew (@juliariew) posted a 41-second clip singing a song from her musical which she has titled: "Shimcheong: A Folktale" and used a filter to transform into a Disney animated character.

In the clip, Riew sang: "Now all of the fish in the sea can't stop me/All of the waves in the world can't rock me. I'm on a mission and gee, just watch me go!"

"The story is based off the Korean folktale 맹인 남자의 딸 (The Blind Man's Daughter) and my experience searching for belonging as a Korean-American," Riew explained.

Since posting the TikTok, the song has gone viral as it has received over 950,000 views, 241,000 likes, along with thousands of comments praising Riew's creativity and begging Disney to create a Korean princess.

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