Arsenal has joined forces with a local fish and chip restaurant Chip Inn Fish Bar for a hilarious advert as part of the football club's Arsenal Supporting Supporters campaign.

The ad sees Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale enter the eatery which is just minutes away from the Emirates Stadium to order a large portion of chips.

In response, the other customers begin to chant "Ooooh" with former Gunners goalkeeper David Seaman even making an appearance to join in with them.

Soon, the chorus of "ooooh's" ended when Ramsdale is given his bag of chips and holds them up in the air and says: "Your chips, ahh!" which is a playful spin on the words "‘You’re s***, ahh!" a common chant used to by footy fans to pile pressure on goalkeepers.

Ramsdale himself knows this all too well as he was on the receiving end of the chant when Arsenal played Leicester City back in October but had his fun by joining in with the heckling Leicester fans and told TalkSPORT at the time why he did this: "I think it makes me play better."

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