Cristiano Ronaldo has thanked fans after becoming the first person to reach 400m followers on Instagram earlier this month.

The 37-year-old Manchester United forward - who currently has 404m followers - sported a £2,000 grey cashmere Dior jumper as he praised his supporters and even gave a nod to his classic "Siuuu" celebration.

"Hi guys, 400 million. Wow, what a number. Now I can say Siuuu!"

"Well, it's fantastic, what a moment for me. Without you this wouldn't be possible. So from the bottom of my heart I have to say thank you. Keep going like that," Ronaldo said.

"I will share my life with you. All the things with you because you deserve it. So, thank you very much now let's do it for one hundred, two hundred millions. Thank you guys."

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