Grammys viewers notice 'sweet moment' during Tracy Chapman's historic performance

Grammys viewers notice 'sweet moment' during Tracy Chapman's historic performance

Fans of the legendary singer Tracy Chapman noticed a sweet moment when the iconic musician performed her beloved song 'Fast Car' live for the first time in nine years at the Grammys on Sunday.

Chapman performed the song, which was first released in 1988 alongside country singer Luke Combs. Although the performance had been announced in advance the crowd, which included Taylor Swift (who appeared to know all the words) at the ceremony became overjoyed when they realised that Chapman was actually about to sing.

The happiness was also clear to see on Chapman's face as well which viewers were quick to note. One fan wrote: "Award shows are tedious and crass, but the smile on Tracy Chapman’s face when the auditorium goes nuts for her before she takes everyone to school with no lip sync, no auto-tune and no in-ear monitors is a pretty sweet moment to capture live."

Another added: "The look on Tracy Chapman's face when the crowd realizes its her."

A third person noted that Combs also seemed to be overcome in the moment. They wrote: "Y’all see how he keeps looking over with that ‘holy s**t. I’m performing with Tracy Chapman’ face? That’s beautiful."

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