TV reporter gets hilariously interrupted by his own mother while covering a story

An Ohio reporter got quite the surprise on the job when his mother appeared in the background of his shot - and the hilarious footage has since gone viral.

ABC 6 reporter Myles Harris (@mylestharris) was about to begin his report when he noticed a familiar car approaching.

Flapping his arms in the air after recognising who was inside the vehicle, he turned to the cameraman and told him: "That’s my mom. Hold on."

The black car then appears in the background shot driven by Harris's mother who leans over towards her open window to greet her son.

"Hi, baby,” his mother said to which the cameraman couldn't contain his laughter as Harris told her, “I’m trying to work right now and now you’re over here calling my phone."

“Don’t be holding up traffic because you got cars behind you,” he added.

His mother then said "alright" and drove away - but not before blowing him a kiss as she left.

Harris then turned back to the camera and as he chuckled to himself, asked the cameraman if he recorded what had just happened.

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