Woman's honest PowerPoint presentation for her exit interview goes viral on TikTok

A woman has shared a presentation she made for her exit interview (where employers ask why an employee is leaving), and people loved how she was so direct about her reasons.

TikToker Claire (@claireandpeter) posted footage of her PowerPoint which includes some fun animations as well some telling graphics about her time at the job such as one line graph depicting how her mental health has declined since working for the unnamed company.

Another graphic included a pie chart titled: "Reasons why I've cried in the past 365 days," with one small slice labelled "work" and the rest of the pie hilariously labelled: "also work."

She added at the end: "I will not be providing further feedback since you don't listen anyways."

"I made a PowerPoint for my exit interview at work. What do you think?" The caption reads as Claire gives a thumbs up to the camera while her presentation plays.

Since sharing her presentation, Claire's TikTok has received 3.7m views, over 208,000 likes, along with thousands of comments from people who praised her PowerPoint, one person said: "Perfect. No changes required. Please submit."

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