Satanic Temple hosting 'Satancon 2022' in Scottsdale

Satanic Temple hosting 'Satancon 2022' in Scottsdale

The Satanic Temple in Scottsdale, Arizona, is hosting "Satancon."

The conference, which is occurring from February 11 - 13, is expected to set a record for being one of the largest Satanist gatherings.

According to Fox 10 Phoenix, the event's origins date back to 2016 when the temple wanted to make remarks at a city council meeting, which caused some controversy. Former Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane denied the request.

As a result, the temple sued for religious discrimination but lost in the court of appeals.

Stu De Han, a temple member involved in the lawsuit, hopes the conference can show people what the temple is all about.

"A religion that revolves around empathy and compassion, and ultimately, it's a rebellion against arbitrary tyrannies is our metaphor for what Satanism is," Han told Fox 10 Phoenix.

Tickets for "Santancon" are sold out.

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