Dating coach says 'if he wanted to he would' trend is a total myth

Dating coach says 'if he wanted to he would' trend is a total myth

A dating coach is hitting back at those who think the 'if he wanted to he would' trend is an accurate representation of what relationships are really like.

The trend on TikTok shows men doing extravagant things for their partners, selling the idea of 'perfection' to others and insinuating that if the person you're seeing would do the same if they really cared about you.

However, Sabrina Zohar, who is based in California and helps people with their love lives, insists that there isn’t a definitive in dating and people aren’t always ready to settle down.

“I was dating a man who had a mental breakdown, it broke my heart, but he couldn’t be in a relationship and was depressed", she says of why you shouldn't set expectations when seeing someone new.

“You have to change your mindset and stop putting an ideal onto someone, otherwise you end up in perpetual victim mode."

Instead, her advice is to set up a first date within days of starting talking, reciprocate the actions they show towards you, and don't try to change someone, as it'll never end well.

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