Owl on meds goes viral for faceplanting floor

Owl on meds goes viral for faceplanting floor

An owl was left feeling pretty disorientated due to medication from recent surgery, and couldn't help but faceplant the floor went returning to its kennel - much to the internet's amusement.

Dr Shrader (@drtrentshrader) explained how the poor bird had recently undergone surgery due to having bad feet infections and used the owl in his example of how to safely return the creature back to the kennel safely.

However, as soon as Shrader let go of the poor owl, it then immediately loses balance and faceplants with a loud thud as soon as its talons touch the floor, with the vet jokingly writing in the overlay text: "We don't get second takes in wildlife medicine" and again in the caption: "Owls are top-heavy apparently."

Since posting the adorable tumble, the clip has received 5.9m views, 1.2m likes, along with thousands of comments who couldn't help but laugh at the owl's mishap, - "I cackled but I felt so bad about it," one person commented.

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