Big Brother's Trish breaks silence over old tweet controversy

Big Brother's Trish breaks silence over old tweet controversy

Big Brother's Trish Balusa has given us her first media interview since being evicted from the Big Brother house - and she's addressing the tweet scandal that has rocked her reputation since leaving.

Fans who has supported the outspoken, left-wing, self-confessed feminist were left gobsmacked to discover the nature of her posts from the past, perpetuating homophobia and racism through the lens of someone entirely different to who we'd seen on screen.

"You know, I was so shocked", she said of the moment she found out the tweets had been pulled up, despite an independent company allegedly doing digital background checks on all of the contestants before they entered the house.

"I think for the first time, I looked in the mirror and I saw in myself, the people that I criticise and the things that I stand against."

The mum-of-one has since put out a written apology online, and surprisingly, most people have been forgiving, likely due to her switched-on political compass while under the watchful eye of Big Brother.

"You express a view [online] and then you're done you move on from it, and then maybe you learn, you change, challenge yourself, you gain different experiences," she notes.

"You don't get to go back and elaborate on that view. You don't get to go back and say: 'actually, according to my experiences now or the people I've learned that people have educated me, this is what I think now'".

"I love the support, I love that people can give me grace. But I also get that there are some people who this is still very new to them."

She adds: "I do want to remind people that I couldn't fake who I wasn't big brother for that long."

Trish has since vowed to have honest conversations with the friends she made in the house who will undoubtably be affected by her words, including Yinrun, Jordan, Henry, and Matty - all of which she would love to remain friends with on the outside.

Notably, however, she candidly opened up on the impact the revelations had on her brother, who is transgender.

"I was really apologetic, I was like: 'I've let you down because we've come so far through this journey' and I have to look back at that person, someone that's very close to me, someone that's in a community, they're going to have to look at that", she says.

"This is a conversation I'm going to have to have with a lot of people who are in those marginalised group that are hurt by the comments that I had made in the past.

"Hopefully, I could rely on the fact that they know my heart. They know who I am."

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