These are set to be the most viral food trends for 2024

These are set to be the most viral food trends for 2024

Butter boards, chopped sandwiches, girl dinner, and low-waste dinners were just some of 2023’s most viral food trends.

Social media has become a prime spot for picking up tips as well as the next hot recipes and best restaurants to visit, to the point where it’s practically shaping how we live.

But with internet chefs getting ever more creative with their ideas, it won’t be long until we’re moving on to the snacks of tomorrow - and if Whole Foods Market’s trend prediction report is anything to go by, we’re in for a treat.

At-home luxury

Since the pandemic (can you believe that was four years ago now, by the way?), top restaurants have been expanding their at-home offering, whether in the form of cook books, or do-it-yourself versions of their best dishes, with ingredients delivered to your door.

Michelin-starred Gymkhana charges upwards of £28 for their classic chicken butter masala, but the new, at-home jars come in almost £20 cheaper at a cool £8.50. Still by no means a bargain, but a great option for enjoying a taste of luxury without leaving the house.

Putting the ‘plant’ in plant-based

Crushing up veggies and coating them in breadcrumbs used to be as far as vegetarian food went, but now that we’ve reached new heights with creating near-authentic fake ‘meats’, we could be heading back that way.

It’s no longer a case of carrots and peas, but protein-packed products containing new and exciting variations of mushrooms, walnuts, tempeh and legumes.

A taste of Mexico

Since the internet discovered tajin, more authentic Mexican food is slowly making moves in the supermarkets. Bye taco kits! Botana sauces, to-go tamales and ready-to-drink tepaches are becoming more common, and we’re about to see it even more so in the next year.

Let’s just agree to never season fruit roll up-covered pickles again.

@lovelydelites Tajin grapes review @Nicole Modic, JD these are 🔥🔥🔥 #tajingrapes #tajin #TalkingTree ♬ Love You So - The King Khan & BBQ Show

Breaking the taboo: Hormonal health

TikTok is breaking barriers when it comes to demystifying formerly-taboo topics such as hormonal health, and it would transpire that food can play a huge part.

From cycle phase recipes to estrogen management (hello raw carrot salad) and snacks that address periods, pregnancy and sleep, we’re being more mindful than ever about what we put in our bodies. It would seem brands are listening too, with more supplements popping up every day.

One sleepy girl mocktail please.

Dressed-up basics

Ok, we’ll admit it, there’s nothing more we love on a lazy evening than grabbing some instant noodles. But in 2024, we’re levelling up, and dressing up our ramen.

More gourmet options including biangbiang noodles and udon that take mere minutes are popping up, as well as healthier, preservative-free versions, so you can enjoy them without guilt. We’re never cooking again.

Whole Foods Market’s 2024 Trends Hamper is now available for £39.99

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