A CNN reporter in Kiev, Ukraine, had to abruptly stop his live broadcast in order to put on a flak jacket as explosions could be heard across Ukraine's capital.

Matthew Chance appeared on CNN's ‘Don Lemon Tonight’ in the early hours of Thursday morning to provide an update on the current situation after Russian president Vladimir Putin shocked the world by launching an invasion into neighbouring Ukraine.

Broadcasting live from a hotel rooftop in the city, the British reporter provided an overview of events before the distant sound of explosions caused him to briefly pause.

"I just heard a big bang right here behind me," Chance said. "We probably shouldn't have done a live shot here," and added he "heard four or five explosions just moments ago."

Chance also explained how he has "never heard anything like this in Kiev in the years that [he's] been coming here and reporting."

Another louder explosion then causes Chance to reach for his flak jacket and helmet to put on as a safety precaution.

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