Spider-Man fans may want to cover their ears for this... as Andrew Garfield has said he has "no plans" to play the superhero again.

After recently reprising his role in the latest film: Spider-Man: No Way Homealongside his predecessor Tobey Maguire and successor Tom Holland, it looks like he's hanging up the costume for good.

Speaking to Variety at the SAG Awards, Garfield was asked if there could perhaps be another return to the iconic role on the cards.

"No plans, that's the truth," he said, although Garfield can't exactly be trusted as he previously told porkies about returning in order to throw fans off the scent over his appearance in the latest film - and even admitted this himself.

"Everyone's gonna call me a liar for the rest of my life," he added and also jokingly acknowledged: "I'm the boy who cried wolf."

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