Liverpool's Jason McAteer mocks his team's infamous white Armani suits from 1996 FA Cup final

Ex-Liverpool player Jason McAteer has poked fun at the infamous fashion statement his team made at the 1996 FA Cup final when they decided to sport bright white Armani suits.

It was a bold choice for the team, who ended up losing against Manchester United, and in a new Paddy Power advert we saw what McAteer would do if given a second chance in his football career - to undo his fashion faux pas and FA Cup defeat.

The clip shows a flashback to the 90s where a tailor attempted to convince him the white suits were the way to go, but this time the Ireland international was having none of it and decided to go with a tame navy suit instead.

That decision had a profound impact as it then hilariously showed a miraculous turn of events with Liverpool lifting the FA Cup, and McAteer being named as the Ballon d’Or winner.

However in reality for McAteer and Liverpool, the team lost the FA Cup final thanks to a late winner from Eric Cantona.

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