Psychic says that there won't be a World Cup winner because of a 'great explosion'

Psychic says that there won't be a World Cup winner because of a 'great explosion'

The World Cup final is just over a week away and although we don't know which teams will be competing in it yet, a psychic thinks it might wind up being a bit pointless as global chaos will prevent a winner from being declared.

79-year-old Anthony Carr from Toronto, Canada who has read the palms of Sylvester Stallone, Frank Sinatra and Mikhail Gorbachev does think that the final will be between England and Argentina with the Three Lions triumphing but doesn't think a winner will be declared.

Carr said: "I'm not a big follower of soccer but I have a feeling that England is going to win against Argentina. I remember the Falkland Islands War when Argentina and Britain went to war over that little piece of Earth in the middle of the ocean."

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However, his judgement has been clouded by a much graver-sounding event: "I don't see anyone being declared a winner for some kind of interference like a great world chaos, a great world situation, a great explosion is what my mind's eye sees. Fire, fire, fire all throughout Europe and the rest of the world."

He added that Russian leader Vladimir Putin might have something to do with it: "It doesn't feel very good at all and with Putin being as crazy as he is, he doesn't like soccer anyway. He's too busy sitting at home playing with his own balls!"

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